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The world's leading Pokemon GO bot

What is PokeBot?

We offer the most advanced and up to date Pokemon GO bot on the market. Developed using the most up to date technologies, it’s safe to stay PokeBot will continue being stable with consistent functionality for the foreseeable future.

How does Pokemon GO botting work?

PokeBot is designed to run on your computer like an other application would. This frees up your phone so you can use it as normally along with your computer.

Simply download the bot, open it as you would any other program, log in using your PokeBot authentication token, authenticate using your Pokemon GO login information (which is stored securely on your computer), adjust the bots configuration for what you’d like to do and the bot will automatically begin communicating with the Pokemon GO servers:

  • To catch pokemon.
  • Spin Pokestops.
  • Incubate eggs.
  • And a lot more options!

What can PokeBot do?

Developed with the end user in mind, PokeBot offers a simple way to progress far in Pokemon GO without having to leave the comfort of your home. We offer a plethora of settings you can configure within the bot, ranging from evolving Pokemon all the way to transferring duplicates, which the bot will use to determine what exactly it should be doing. It makes Pokemon GO completely automated!

What can 1 hour of Pokemon GO botting achieve?

In one hour, using coordinates at a highly populated area (such as a city like Philadelphia or Los Angeles), most of our users typically achieve over 50,000 experience and get close or completely hatch all of their currently incubating eggs. Rates are subject to change depending on location however we’ve received extremely positive feedback about what the bot can accomplish.